GW Children’s House


“Success in school is directly tied to the degree to which children believe they are capable and independent human beings.”  – Seldin & Epstein, 2000

The Practical Life area in a Montessori Children‟s House classroom offers young learners reality based exercises they enjoy doing. While engaging in real life activities, it gives children a sense of belonging and contributing to their classroom community. We use real, child-sized materials, which enables children to independently take care of their individual needs, the needs of others in their classroom community and the needs of others in their family.

The first time a child engages in purposeful work, such as table washing, they become a different being. While washing the table is the obvious aim, Dr. Montessori believed there is a “hidden curriculum” or “hidden goal” that is taking place. Practicing a skill like table washing helps a child to further develop coordination, concentration, order, and independence. Developing these four “hidden aims” builds confidence, independence, and character. These are fundamental building blocks in every practical life lesson. Everything works together to develop this hidden curriculum.


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