Montessori Teacher Training



“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”
Dr. Maria Montessori

“Almost all teachers who had recived the full training said that it was intense, but well worth the time and effort, and many reported that it was ‘life-changing’.”
Dr. Sean Walmsley, ED. D. on the GW Elementary School Teacher Training 


GW Montessori certification was received through The Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS)

Certification Level: International Montessori Council ( IMC) Montessori Certification for teaching ages 3-6 years of age. (Full Certification is MACTE Accredited)

Length of Course: 18 months includes:

Distance learning course work over the entire 18 months with a one week break approximately every 9 weeks and a three week winter and summer break
Residential Sessions – A 120 hour session takes place over 2 and a half weeks typically in the first summer of the course.
Practicum Requirement – 9 month internship ,
Early Childhood Certificate students will complete all three phases of the CGMS training program:

Distance Learning Phase: Students follow a specific schedule of course curriculum working with fellow students and Instructional Guides on a weekly basis. Students plan 10-15 hours per week, to view course video lectures and presentations, complete a variety of assignments, and participate in course discussions. Once a week students participate in a one hour scheduled chat session. During this phase students will need access to a Montessori Elementary classroom for observation assignments, lesson practice, and the 9 month practicum/internship.

Residential Phase: The Early Childhood Full Certification Program requires attendance at 1 residential session.(The GW Guides attended 2 summer sessions.) The summer residential session provides opportunities for supervised lesson practice and material making. The emphasis on classroom leadership skills helps prepare students for the practicum phase so they are successful in translating Montessori theory and methods into daily classroom practice.

The Practicum Phase: Students are required to complete a 9 month (full school year) half-day practicum / internship in an approved Montessori Elementary classroom. This student-teaching phase must take place in a Montessori Early Childhood classroom for children 3-6 years of age. Exceptions may be made for an alternative age grouping, at the discretion of the Director of Education, but a minimum of a 2 year grouping within the 3-6 age range is required. Classrooms must be well equipped with the Montessori Early Childhood curriculum materials Montessori best practices must be followed.

Students will be assigned a Field Consultant who will visit the student in the practicum classroom to provide feedback and support, and to evaluate the student’s growth and progress as a Montessori Guide.