FACT: In the early stages of the program, preliminary results for the 2011-12 Science tests show that 4th graders of the GW Elementary School scored 87.5% overall on Science standardized tests, a 75% improvement from the year before.

FACT: Every single morning, GW Elementary School principal Valerie Hannum is outside on the front steps shaking each and every hand of the children who come to school.

FACT: The GW Elementary School showcases a model ‘community/school garden’ offering ten 10×10 foot raised beds, eight of which are available to the community to garden.

FACT: The GW Elementary School Montessori school began with a 3/4 year old program (Children’s House). In 2012, the Kingston City School District cut the 3 year old program and shortly after, moved 5th graders into Middle School. The GW Elementary School PTO is working to try to bring back our 3 year old program which we feel is fundamental to the success of our students in the long run.


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