AGENDA: GW PTO Meets on Wednesday, October 2nd at 5:00pm


The next GW PTO Meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 from 5:00pm – 6:00pm  in the School Cafeteria. All are encouraged and welcome!

Agenda items include what is below. If you feel there is anything missing, please send it along.

If you have any questions, contact Rebecca Martin-Grenadier (GW PTO President) at






A close look at an updated budget to reflect this year’s school needs and fundraisers.


* GW School Photos

We are set for school photos for the children to occur on October 8/9/10 with a new vendor, Shelly  Wood Studios.  Order forms/envelopes will be sent home with all of the children on September 30th and will need to be returned to their teacher by October 7th (that gives parents a week to get them back).   We are going to have a parent sign-up sheet and would appreciate parent helpers. We encourage parents to participate during their child’s allotted classroom allotted. By the time we meet in October, we should have that schedule in the case that we need to fill in.

* Clothing Drive Fundraiser

Jody is organizing another clothing drive fundraiser, to take place on Friday, 10/18 from 8:30am – 4:00pm.  A list of everything to be collected will be posted on the website, and sent home in a flyer.

* Safe Walk to School Day and potential Fundraiser

We are waiting to learn if CCE is organizing a ‘Safe Walk To School Day’ event in October, and checking to see if we can make it into a fundraiser ‘walk-a-thon’ where students enlist sponsorship for their walk. Neither is yet confirmed.



We’d like to promote/create new PTO committees to attract more of parent population.

– Natural Playscape Committee

Ongoing. Led by Ann Loeding.

– School Newspaper and Yearbook Committee

Want to help the children put together a school newspaper – and at the same time, organize a yearbook for the kids? Here’s your chance.  Currently, there is a group of parents working through TOPS with children and a newspaper idea. Help them to take their writings to then next step.

– GW 2020

How might the GW School look in the year 2020?  A new committee to organize parents who are interested in discussing and envisioning the future of the GW Elementary School.

– GW School Garden Committee and Healthy Meals

A working title. This committee will be of support to the steward of the GW Elementary School garden, as well as working to improve breakfast and lunch options for the children at the GW Elementary School.

– GW PTO Finance Committee

Led by Jody Froman. Could also include grant writing.



Several new programs might include:

– Pennies for Programs 

We are searching for a coin drop to permanently place in the lobby of the school. All of the coins collected each semester will be broken up between classrooms for the teachers to purchase new supplies, host guests – whatever they wish to do throughout the year given their allotment.

– Cultural Festivals: From around the world

Imagine fall and spring festival with a theme that reflects our GW Population? Latino, African American, Italian, Jewish, Irish, Asian.  Celebrating our cultural backgrounds with events, no matter how large or small.