Friday, May 16th is a day for a 4th Grade Yard Sale! A Lemonade Stand! A Clothing Drive!

The GW Elementary School will be buzzing with activity on Friday, May 16th.  Look at all that is happening in just one single day! We need gently used items for donation for both the yard sale and clothing drive, so bring in your donations anytime between now and the events.  Join us for the fun and support our children!


The GW Elementary School EII hosted a yard sale and earned over $500 for their moving up ceremony!

Yard Sale!

The George Washington Elementary School Fourth Graders Host Their Annual Yard Sale.  Join the children on the GW Elementary School front lawn from 2:00pm – 4:00pm for a yard sale. All proceeds will be designated toward the 4th grade school field trip to “Six Flags Great Adventures” and their ‘Moving Up” ceremony, that occurs each year.

We are accepting donations. Please bring your items, in good condition, to the main office between now and the time of the event.

For more information, contact Valerie Hannum at: [email protected]


Miss Caitlin's E1 Class is looking to raise $300 through 'Alex's Lemonade Stand' in memory of Anjeahlina Mann, the sister of one of her students who passed to child cancer in 2011. They surpassed it by raising over $600! Way to go!

Miss Caitlin’s E1 Class is looking to raise $300 through ‘Alex’s Lemonade Stand’ in memory of Anjeahlina Mann, the sister of one of her students who passed to child cancer in 2011.

3rd and 4th Grade Students to host Lemonade Stand with all proceeds going towards combating childhood cancers.

Ms. Caitlin’s class is hosting its 3rd Annual “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” on the same day from 12:00pm – 3:00pm to help combat childhood cancers. Ms. Caitlin believes that, “a big part of teaching children is to provide opportunities for them to give back as a very important life lesson.”  This year, the group hopes to raise $300.00.

The community can also make a donation to their goal by visiting the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation site.

For more information, contact Caitlin Sanzi at: [email protected]



The George Washington Elementary School PTO Host Clothing Drive Fundraiser. The proceeds from the event to occur from 9:00am – 4:30pm will go towards supporting field trips, school supplies and the GW Natural Playscape project.

The GW PTO invite the public to drop off their used items at a one day collection of  clothes, blankets, linens, towels, bath rugs, shoes (bagged separately) and children’s toys.   The drop off  location will be in the front of the school. All items not sold at the 4th Grade Yard Sale will be donated.

Sponsored by “Fashion Republic” all donations will be processed and shipped to people in need. Their 30,000 square foot warehouse in Cranford, NJ ship to Poland, Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Liberia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, India, Mali and other locations all over the world.

The GW Elementary School PTO is paid per pound, and all of the proceeds will go toward supporting field trips, school supplies and the GW School Natural Playscape Initiative.

If you would like more information about the clothing drive, please contact PTO Parent Jody Fromson at  [email protected]

GW Fourth Grade Basketball Travelers – Kingston Komets in 2014

photo 2

Two of our GW fourth grade students, Cameron Potter and Quentin Bullock, have been traveling every weekend together as members of the Kingston Komets 4th Grade Team.  The Kingston Komets is a travel basketball team through the AAU organization.  Cameron and Quentin have traveled with the Komets from Saratoga to New Jersey.    Through this experience, Cameron and Quentin have demonstrated great sportsmanship and overall qualities of teamwork.   We are very proud of how they represent the students of the GW Montessori School community.

The boys have three more tournaments ahead of them.  Way to go Cameron and Quentin and Good Luck in your upcoming games!

– Melissa Potter

Follow-up and Summary: GW Elementary School and Title One Funding

padalino_leavingThe GW Elementary School PTO had an insightful meeting last week with a visit from Kingston City School District Superintendent Dr. Paul Padalino who graciously returned to meet with parents and teachers, to provide important information on Title One funding, how it functions and flows into our school.

Special thanks to PTO Parent Lucia Lee Nucci for taking the following minutes that evening.

Our next PTO meeting is this Wednesday, March 5th from 6 – 7:30pm, where we will host Nicci Nashban Cagan, co-founder of “From the Ground Up” where parents created a local model in bringing food from their school garden into the cafeteria. 



Dr. Padalino (summary of Title One)

Federal money is given to schools based on poverty. Funds should be used to offset/add to current program funding or supplement the current budget but not supplant. Original intent of Title One was to create smaller class size, and create after school and summer programs. Math and literacy support is a key area of focus. Key points:

  • Kington currently has 4 schools with Title One status: YR 2014 – GW, Chambers, JFK, and Miller. In YR 2015 – Bailey, Edson (expect to be added)
  • Funding in 2012 ($2.2 mil), in 2013 ($1.8 mil)
  • Allocation of funds based on attendance.
  • Largest portion of district wide funds will go to GW ($310,000) based on attendance.
  • How is the money being spent: Reading and Math teacher ($200,000), After School and Summer School ($100,000), Professional Development Initiatives ($10,000)
  • Title One gets audited yearly by the State to show effectiveness of use of money


Question/statement from PTO President (Rebecca Martin)

Q: “This sharing of news is very positive.” Is there funding allowance for communication initiatives, and will there be teacher/school input on the use of funds?

A: The reality is Title One is a more restrictive program. The FEDS continue to want more control. Their focus is to channel money toward specifics i.e. math and reading readiness.


Question from PTO parent

Q: Could money be use for Pre-K initiatives?

A : Money is not intended for that purpose but instead on K-12 grades. Cuomo has the Smart Schools Initiative Bill ($5.1 mil allocation) which is promising for Pre-K initiatives, along with capitol improvements and technology improvements for testing readiness.


Question/statement from PTO President

Q: Could money be raised by PTO? We would need $100,000 to restore our 3-yr old program.

A: The administration/district would support a parent-led fundraising campaign for the Pre-K program.


Question from PTO parent

Q The summer school funding comes out of our budget?

A: No, summer school program funding comes out of the district-wide budget. The funding used for the summer school program also helps to strengthen community based partnership (i.e. Family of Woodstock) and some money to assist homeless students.


Question from PTO President

Q: Are their funding through the district for resources/programs to provide education/skills for parents?

A: Educational programing is a requirement for Title Once. The district currently hosts 8 parent workshops for the calendar year. One of them being the Common Core discussion held at GW. The district is always looking for ideas for workshops (i.e. what do parents want to hear) and seeks input from parents/PTO.


Question from PTO President

Q: Is there a clearing house for grants available. Grants specifically for Title One schools, Montessori, or Pre-K programs?

A: Ulster Boces has a point person that offers grant writing assistance. I (Dr. Padalino) will give her a call about this request). Grants have dried up in the last 10 years. The field is very competitive. For example just 30 mins south of us is Newburgh district which has a 80% free and reduced participation vs. our 40% free and reduced participation. We are in a very unique situation where we encompass a urban, suburban and rural setting. This is very unique. Funding allocation is determined by the % of students in the school who are impoverished.


Statement by Dr. Padalino

S: Title One application/needs is due in August; we usually know each school’s allocation by the first week of September.


Question from PTO parent  & follow-up comment 

Q: Is Dr. Padalino aware of a private foundation for school districts?

A: No, but we could create one.


Statement from PTO President

S: Our PTO has a few great grant writers; we will continue to use this stregnth to pursue opportunities. Thank you to Dr. Padalino for opening this discussion


Statement from Dr. Padalino

S: You’re welcome; I will come back anytime to discuss Title One and any other issue.


GW School Show Team Spirit with “Sport’s Saturday”


The GW Boys team show their team spirit!


Boys and Girls from our 3rd and 4th grades represented our school at the Sports Saturday event at Miller Middle School.  The children competed hard and showed great sportsmanship!  It was a fun filled day with classmates  from all the elementary schools coming together to “play”.  Our children are looking forward to the next Sport’s Saturday!  Thank you to Coach Wyncoop and Mr. Schuon for practicing and coaching our kids.



The girls rocking the field for GW Elementary.

The girls rocking the field for GW Elementary.

GW Elementary School Visits Maple Ridge Community in Ulster Park.


Arriving at Maple Ridge

On Monday May 6th Tom and Caitlyn’s E1 classes visited the Maple Ridge Community in Ulster Park.  Students from the GW Montessori School were teamed with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students from the Maple Ridge Elementary School.

Arnold Meyer, the principal of the school, welcomed the GW students.  The weather for the trip was fabulous, so the students started by gathering on the outside circle benches for a snack.  The group then celebrated the birthday of a GW student using the Montessori birthday materials.  The students were then divided into four groups based on grade, and toured the property.  Students visited with farm animals, visited gardens, and hiked through a nature preserve and along streams and a pond.

After a game of kickball, students went to main dining hall where lunch was provided by the Maple Ridge Community.  Maple Ridge students eat with their families, so the GW students went with their Maple Ridge partners and ate at the table with their partner’s family.  Finally after lunch the parents of the students, including one parent from GW, braided the Maypole to the music of Principal Arnie on the accordion.

The trip was a great success and GW Montessori looks forward to expanding the connection to the Maple Ridge community next year.

Mr. Tom (Tom Muro)


Arnie Meyer greats the GW bus

Arnie Meyer greets the GW bus

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The GW Elementary School Natural Playscape Proposal is Awarded CDBG Funding!


We did it!

Members of the GW Elementary School PTO and their Natural Playscape Committee watched this evening as the City of Kingston Common Council passed Resolution #88 of 2013 “approving the FY 2013 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Action Plan”.  It included the GW Elementary School grant proposal in partnership with the Hudson Valley Montessori Educators of $15,000 towards our initial Natural Playscape effort to perform planning and construction for an “outdoor classroom and playground enhancement”.  We are thrilled!

Shortly, our PTO will take its next steps in working with the district and in discussing the hiring of a consultant (where we hope to secure renowned Natural Playscape expert Rusty Keeler of Earthplay). Our consultant work with our community on master planning in September of 2013.  Implementation of our project will take place in the Spring of 2014.

If you are interested in joining our committee, please FRIEND us on Facebook.

More information to follow.

Read our thank you to the council that was submitted this evening posted below.

Congrats to all who participated.  A big victory for the children!


“On behalf of GW Elementary School community I wish to thank the Council for its support and guidance throughout the CDBG process.

If the proposal is awarded this evening because of you, the school will embark on a Natural Playscape process – one that will bring together the entire school and its midtown community.  All will be welcome to attend the Master Planning process that would begin in September of 2013 and a build that will be organized over several weekends in the spring of 2014.

Our PTO, as well as creating a school website, facebook pages and newsletter has also organized a Natural Playscape Committee as part of its structure that currently hosts 20 members. This allows for interested parents with many talents and coming from different ethnic backgrounds to work together on behalf of the children. The effort will create much needed additional outdoor recreation space for our population of about 450 students, provide a stimulating alternative learning environment and offer a new resource for use by other civic and educational groups in the community.

We appreciate the potential opportunity provided by the City of Kingston in helping us to take this important initial step and when we do, we hope that you will join us in the fun.”


The GW Elementary School PTO Hosts Latin Festival on May 17th!


Celebrando El Festival Latino !

Dia: Viernes 17 de Mayo de 2013

Hora: 4pm- 7pm

Lugar: Escuela George Washington

Costo: $5.00 por persona o $20.00 por familia


Organizado por el PTO (padres y familias) ven a compartir la diversidad de nuestra cultura hispana con platillos autenticos y tradicionales de nuestros diferentes paises como papusas, mole,arroz con gandules, tacos, tamales, diferentes tipos de arroz con pollo y nuestros ricos postres.

Habra rifas,juegos,y premios y musica!

Apoyemos a nuestros hijos, a la escuela y a sus actividades.  Los fondos recaudados seran para paseos escolares, y la compra para articulos para la escuela.

Si deseas colaborar con nosotros,por favor llama a Madely (845) 417-2362 o Maritza (845) 943-3522.




When: May 17th, 2013

Time:  4pm- 7pm

Place: George Washington Elementary School Cafeteria

Cost:  $5.00 per person / $20.00 per family

Come to the Latin Festival, organized by the G.W. PTO, to share the diversity of our Hispanic community  and enjoy authentic dishes  such as papusas, mole, different types of rice and beans, chicken, tacos, tamales and a variety of delicious desserts.

There will be a raffle, children’s games, prizes and music!

We want to support our children and our school. The proceeds will go toward supporting field trips, school supplies and the natural playscape, etc. If you would like to help out, please call Madely (845) 417-2362 or Maritza (845) 943-3522.