The Benefits of Orton Gillingham. Teacher Training Program in Kingston, NY!

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Having a child with dyslexia (according to some statistics,  1-3 people have a form of it),  I was fortunate to come across the Orton Gillingham method for my son.

It has been said that once the Kingston City School District had trained teachers in this method in place in our schools. But that isn’t the case today.  For that reason, we sought out a tutor where our son has gone weekly for over a year.  In collaboration with his home, the excellent teachers and support staff at the GW Elementary School, he is building confidence, learning to read and embracing all of the gifts that children with Dyslexia embody.

Having had the opportunity to raise a child with ‘learning disabilities’ (I have to place the term in quotes here – as whatever challenges he may have in the traditional way of public education, he is an outstanding thinker and empath with a wealth of gifts), I recognize sensory qualities in so many children. Many of whom do not have advocates for one reason or another and others who lack the opportunities for information to be presented to them so that they can learn. We are not speaking of a handful of students – but perhaps 1/3 of the children or more. That’s significant.

It would be useful for Orton Gillingham to be available to those who need it in the classroom.

Perhaps there is a way to do so that is economical. I  discovered right here in Kingston a teacher training program being offered to those interested and who have the proper qualifications.  Generally, the program costs are $2,000 per year – but thanks to foundation support, $1,500 is offset in return for the applicant to provide 12 hours of free tutoring during the year inside of the community. Brilliant!  It’s an incredible opportunity for teachers, parents – and our children. Although it takes four seasons to become a certified teacher/trainer in Orton Gillingham, teachers can teach the method to children after their very first summer. In essence, $500 is all it takes to equipt teachers with this tremendous tool.  Hardly an expense given the long term benefits.

We are excited to have personally been able to sponsor one of our GW Elementary School teachers this summer, and look forward to sending off many more in the coming years.  You can do the very same thing for a teacher you know. There are only three spots, so get on it! Lets send three teachers through the training this year, and every year.

– RM


Have a look and be in touch if you are interested in the summer program being offered this year:

Literacy instruction is one of the most critical tasks we as educators face.  For without literacy, all other learning is a challenge, if not impossible.  Theodore Roosevelt said “…there is no such thing as functional illiteracy; because when a person is illiterate, he is not functional.”  Research indicates that the most critical component of effective reading instruction is teacher knowledge.  Our most at risk students deserve the best of our knowledge. 

Literacy through Multisensory Teaching ( is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide professional development for teachers in a structured, sequential language curriculum and in explicit, systematic multisensory techniques for teaching reading, writing, and spelling.  The curriculum and methodology are based on the work of Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham.  The focus is on teacher knowledge, not published materials.  We are an accredited training program through IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Education Centers –, which was formerly taught at Columbia Teachers College. 

For the second summer, we are offering classes in the Hudson Valley.  We will be offering the Introductory Part I class, which is the first course in a series, totaling 200 hours of class time, which can lead to Certification through ALTA (Academic Language Therapy Association (  We will also be offering the Introductory Part II class for those who have successfully completed Part I.  Both classes run for two consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday, starting Monday, July 7, 2014.  The classes are taught by a team of Qualified Instructors (QI).  Teachers are offered ongoing support throughout the process.  Teachers can choose to continue on with the remaining courses in the series leading to Certification as an Academic Language Therapist.  Some teachers may wish to pursue the lesser certification as a Certified Academic Language Practitioner. 

Both courses are 55 hours long, 5.5 hours each day plus a lunch break.  Part I is an intensive course but enjoyable and rewarding.  Teachers will need to purchase the textbook and additional materials totaling approximately $150. – $175.  Those interested in taking the course must have a bachelor’s degree.  Part II is more relaxing and will give teachers an opportunity to refine and extend their knowledge and skills. 

We have established a relationship with the Dean Learning Center in Dallas, Texas.  They are making it possible for us to offer teachers up to (3) $500 scholarships.  In exchange for each $500 scholarship that a teacher accepts, s/he is required to provide 12 hours of free tutoring for a student who could not otherwise afford it.  This would reduce the cost to $500 for a teacher taking the course.  This should also be available for the 3 subsequent courses if the teacher wishes.

Feel free to follow the above links for additional information or contact me if you have any questions.  The registration form is very brief and can be printed off from our website,,  (Go to Contact Info and then click on Registration Form Intro Part I or Part II) or you can get a copy from me.  The agreement for the scholarships is also very brief.  I have a copy of that as well or I can send you a copy attached to an email.  The only other thing that is necessary is a copy of your transcript, or a copy of your degree. 

This work is done separate from my employment with the Kingston School District.  As a result, I will be using my personal email ([email protected]) and phone number (845 594 5548).  I would like to have commitments by June 6th so I can begin finalizing the schedule of instructors.  

Jean DeVre, M.S.Ed, CALT, QI