“Montessori is the Common Core” Presentation a Great Success.

The George Washington Elementary School hosted a hands-on workshop called “Montessori is the Common Core” for Parents on October 16th 2013.

As part of the school’s Building Leadership Team Plan, the school is committed to helping parents understand how the Common Core has impacted their child’s educational program.

The purpose of the presentation was to demonstrate the alignment of the Montessori Curriculum and the Common Core. The teachers displayed the Common Core standards and Montessori materials that go hand and hand at each grade level.  Literacy, Mathematics, Culture and the Montessori Peace Curriculum were highlighted.

Parent participation was wonderful!  We are all extremely impressed and grateful to our teachers at GW for their dedication to the education of our students.

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Click on image to view photos.

Multi-Age Classrooms at the GW Elementary School Montessori Program: Children Working Together


“One of the special things about the Montessori Children’s House is watching how our mulit-age classrooms work together.  Often our older children partner with the younger ones to give lessons or teach new skills.  Here a kindergarten student, Brittany, is teaching Marvin, an new 4-year old student how to hold his pencil while tracing a picture on the shadow box.”

Ms. Sherri, Children’s House (PK-K)



“Montessori Research” – Webinar: Extensions & Innovations for Your Classroom’s Sensorial Area.


Montessori research is gaining momentum, and generating more insight into Montessori theory and practice. This Webinar, led by the AMS research coordinator, will offer an engaging and understandable overview of the latest news in the field. It will be particularly helpful for those looking for information to present to current and prospective parents, as well as boards of directors, seeking quantifiable data about Montessori.

For teachers; teacher educators; heads, admissions coordinators, and other administrators; public schools, and parents.

Tuesday, April 30, 7 – 8:30 PM (ET)

“Montessori Research”
Presenter: Angela Murray

Angela Murray, PhD, is an independent research consultant and the research coordinator for AMS. She teaches graduate-level statistics at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, and was the recipient of the 2006 AMS Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award. Her doctoral dissertation, “Public Perceptions of Montessori Education,” received honors from the University of Kansas in 2008.

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GW Teacher Profile: Ms. Julie (Julie Cash)

Ms. Julie

Ms. Julie


We had the opportunity to visit the classroom of Julie Cash, an accomplished musician who performs with her group “Vocal Visionaries“and teacher of Elementary I (1/2/3) grade students at the GW Elementary School, a public Montessori program in Kingston, NY.  Our teachers put so much energy into the education and well-being of our children. It’s always an honor to spend time  in their classroom.

We asked Julie a few questions to share with our community.  Consider this the first of many teacher, student and parent interviews.



Now as a certified Montessori teacher, what has changed in the way that you approach teaching?

I am a graduate of Bank Street College of Education, the philosophy of which is based on the principles of progressive education (child-centered,developmentally appropriate, experiential) and the Montessori philosophy fits harmoniously with my background, beliefs and interests as a teacher. Along with this, my training in the Responsive Classroom approach fits beautifully with Montessori, and the idea that social and emotional learning must be integrated in academic learning, and children need explicit instruction in and experiences with social skills, being part of a culture of caring and respect, and living in community in the classroom and school. What has changed since I was in a traditional classroom is that I feel I can really be true to my beliefs about what is best for children. I feel very much at home at GW, where the values are so in sync with what endeavor to do as a classroom “guide” (Montessori term for teacher).  It is a place where my skills and interests can flourish and I love being part of a community of educators who share a common philosophy and commitment to children. It’s extremely gratifying and powerful. I am no longer swimming against the stream! We are all going in the same direction and support each other. I have never taught in a school that has such strong morale, support, and cohesion between the faculty. This is due in large part to the extraordinary leadership of Valerie Hannum.

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