Ms. Caitlin’s 3rd & 4th Grade Snowshoe Adventure!


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Miss Caitlin’s 3rd and 4th grade class took advantage of this winter’s abundance of snow and bundled up and headed outside to try snowshoeing. The Forsyth Nature Center offers snowshoeing adventures and came to GW to instruct our class on the ins and outs of snowshoeing. First we were given a mini lesson on the history of snowshoeing and then a few basic tips on how to snowshoe. Next we were off and running. We walked around and got the feel of it and within minutes we were climbing snow banks, making trails, and having races. It was a great time and great exercise too. We can’t wait to do it again next year.



GW School Show Team Spirit with “Sport’s Saturday”


The GW Boys team show their team spirit!


Boys and Girls from our 3rd and 4th grades represented our school at the Sports Saturday event at Miller Middle School.  The children competed hard and showed great sportsmanship!  It was a fun filled day with classmates  from all the elementary schools coming together to “play”.  Our children are looking forward to the next Sport’s Saturday!  Thank you to Coach Wyncoop and Mr. Schuon for practicing and coaching our kids.



The girls rocking the field for GW Elementary.

The girls rocking the field for GW Elementary.

GW Elementary School’s “Walk Around the Block Event” in pictures.

Here are photos from last week’s ‘Walk around the Block’ event. Thanks to Nancy Donskoj for sharing them with us!   The children earned $908.00! A great success and especially for a first year.


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GW Elementary School Community/School Garden. Volunteer!



Cindy Muro works with the kids. Planting potatoes!

Today was a beautiful day out at the GW Elementary School Community/Children’s garden.  Led by volunteer Cindy Muro (who is the Greenhouse Manager at Mohonk Mountain House and whose husband is Tom Muro (Mr. Tom)  one of our incredibly dedicated E1 teachers at the school) who gives so much of her  time each week to work with the GW Elementary School children and community. There were up to a dozen children at any given time who were given the opportunity to turn the soil and to do some planting.  The garden hosts ten 10 x 10 foot garden areas, eight of which are used by the community who shares the space with the school. We are very fortunate to have Cindy who has been working on these gardens since the very beginning (created back in 2008/2009).

Two of the garden areas are designated just for the GW Elementary School students, and every Friday at around 1:00pm you can visit to see Cindy and the kids working on their ‘farm’ while lending a hand, too. The gardens are located in the school playground area, so the entire population at our school are exposed to the effort and the bounty.

Cindy is seeking volunteers over the summer, families who may wish to help with the watering and maintenance of the school children’s two gardens in exchange for vegetables.  It’s a great opportunity for your family! 

If you are interested, please contact Cindy by calling:  845/594-5962 or email:  [email protected]


The children plant seedlings along the fence.


Lots of potatoes! Some of the children plant, others fill the boxes with soil in preparation.


Children fill buckets full of mulch.


One of the eight community gardens. This one has a beautiful stone walls and a birdhouse!

Kinderland Playground Gets A Facelift by the Jr. League of Kingston! Join in the Planning March 14th.


Something is in the air it seems! Lots of ‘face lifts’ on playgrounds in 2013 and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Kinderland Playground is located on Lucas Avenue, connected to the Forsyth Nature Center property.  Please consider attending this important first step.


In 1991, “Kingston Kinderland” was built by volunteer labor with funds raised by the Junior League of Kingston.  Over the years, area children grew up using the free playground.  Kinderland has endured much wear and tear, however, and is in need of an update. Continue reading Kinderland Playground Gets A Facelift by the Jr. League of Kingston! Join in the Planning March 14th.

What is the DWPC (District Wide Parent Council)?


Have you ever heard of the DWPC (District Wide Parent Council) in Kingston?

Made up of one parent representative from every school in the district, the 13 member council meets on Crown Street each month and is generally attended by members of the Board of Education and often Superintendent Dr. Paul Padalino.  The meetings are open to all and give a unique opportunity for parents, staff, teachers and students to exchange and share ideas and views in a professional and open setting.


  • To provide an opportunity for the parents of the district to share ideas and mutual concerns.
  • To provide ongoing communication among the parents of the Kingston City School District, Central Administration, and the Board of Education, and further, to provide support for parents as effective communicators with clarification of proper channels when needed. Continue reading What is the DWPC (District Wide Parent Council)?