School Picture Re-Take Opportunity: Monday, November 10th

School pictures went home yesterday, and we hope you are all pleased with the results!  It’s our first year working with Memory Makers, and we look forward to a long standing relationship with this great local photography studio. Of course, there are always things in need of improvement and we plan to get parent and teacher comments in the coming year to make pictures even more spectacular in 2015.

For those looking to take advantage of re-take day scheduled for Monday, November 10th, children must come with their entire photo order except the class photo which they can hold onto. The package will be replaced with the new image which will also be changed on both the administrative and yearbook disks.

Both Ms. Hulse and Ms. Luby were absent on picture day, so they will be having their picture taken and it will be added to their children’s class photo.

Children who missed picture day will be receiving a flyer today  with information on re-take Monday. If you would like to be included on that list, please contact Maryann Richardson in the front office at 845/338-1978 today (Friday) or, contact GW PTO Co-Chair Lori Joseph at [email protected]


Letter to parents from Memory Makers (School Photographer)

School photos are coming!  This parent letter will be going home next week. Order forms will be sent home the week of September 22nd.

Six parent volunteers are needed for picture day. You’ll get a $25 for doing so, and the hours are only from 9am – 1:30pm. Sign-up sheet is in the lobby on the PTO Bulletin Board.


Dear Families of George Washington Elementary School;

It is our pleasure to photograph your child for Fall Portraits.

Memory Makers Studios is locally owned and operated. We specialize in children’s portraiture. We are looking forward to working with the students, families & faculty of George Washington Elementary School.

Portraits will be taken in front of a virtual background. Photographing in front of a virtual background allows us to electronically add your background selection. Memory Makers does not charge any additional fee for the offering.

Fall School Photos will be a prepaid purchase. We will send an order envelope home with your student. Please look for it and review it carefully so that you may make your package selections. Our standard Package 5 offers a great value for only $26.00. This package may meet all your needs. Be sure to send the envelope in with your child on picture day. We can’t order unless we receive the envelope and payment. We welcome late orders, however please be advised that they will arrive LATE – after the rest of the school has been delivered. Late orders may also impact your opportunity for retakes. Images taken on picture day are also used for the yearbook and school record keeping. All students will be photographed.

If your child is absent on Portrait Day, Memory Makers will be back to your school on November 10th. Should any retakes be necessary we will gladly take care of them at that time.

In the past, we have found the following to be helpful:
– Clean faces and freshly brushed hair will enhance your child’s portrait. – Solid colors or small patterned clothing is much less distracting than

large colorful stripes, polka-dots and graphics.
– Don’t worry if your child suddenly has a scratch or blemish on his/her

face. Minor retouching is available. **This will not remove temporary tattoos

or eyeglass glare.
– We really do try to get the students to smile. But…sometimes, we’re not

successful. In this case, a pleasing expression is best.

*** There will be a sibling package also available on your order form. Families who would like to have siblings photographed together please circle package 1 on the order form.

Please attach a note if you would prefer your child be photographed without their glasses or would like your child’s hair a certain way. The note has to be on the outside of the envelope for the photographer to see.

As always, we are easy to reach. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to call us at:



GW Elementary School’s “Walk Around the Block Event” in pictures.

Here are photos from last week’s ‘Walk around the Block’ event. Thanks to Nancy Donskoj for sharing them with us!   The children earned $908.00! A great success and especially for a first year.


Click on image to view photos of the event.


THIS JUST IN! Family Portrait Night at the GW Elementary School 10/9 at 5:30pm!



We had a great first day of pictures with Shelly Wood – and through the suggestion of several of the parent helpers today  (thanks John, Amy and Lucia) – a new opportunity arose.

TOMORROW NIGHT, Wednesday October 9th from 5:30pm – 6:30pm Shelly Wood and the GW PTO are offering “Family Night Portraits”! Come with your entire family for a photo. 20% of the proceeds will come back to the GW PTO and our upcoming events and programs.


Family Night Portraits

The GW Elementary School
School Auditorium Stage

Wednesday, October 9th
5:30pm – 6:30pm

Includes (2) 5×7’s and (8) wallet size photos!
Please bring a check made out to Shelly Wood Studios
20% of the proceeds will be donated to the GW PTO.

Come to an impromptu opportunity to have your family portrait!

Photographer Shelly Wood, who is currently taking our children’s school photos this week, has offered to take family portraits. You can choose from the 5′ x 10′ backdrop – or, the on stage risers for those with larger families.  Shelly will make you look great.

The cost for this is $18.00 and includes (2) 5×7’s and (8) wallet sized pictures.  Please arrive at 5:30pm sharp to sign-up.

Make checks payable to Shelly Wood Studios.

20% of the proceeds will be donated to our GW PTO!  

If you have any questions, contact Rebecca Martin-Grenadier, PTO President at [email protected]


School Pictures: Schedule and Questions Answered


Hello parents,

Next week – the GW Elementary School will have their school pictures taken on Tuesday, 10/9; Wednesday, 10/10 and Thursday 10/11.  We are very pleased to offer local vendor Shelly Wood Studios who is wonderful and sensitive – giving the children more time to get a photo just right.  The GW PTO’s priority was to make the experience a good one for all, while keeping the costs low and affordable for our families.

With such a diverse student population and skin tones, to make it probable that all of the children looked great in their pictures, we selected a single background ‘gray’ textured stone.  After viewing all of the options – this seemed to be the very best.

Given the changes to the PTO Executive Committee this year with our former PTO President becoming ill and a new vendor that had been decided upon last year, we wish to thank the parents who stepped up to the plate, GW Principal Valerie Hannum and Shelly Wood for helping to make school photos possible this year – as it almost didn’t happen.

We encourage more of our parents to get involved in the School’s PTO – as we need more direct communication and hands to support our great school, help to provide additional opportunities for the children and to aid our teachers in whatever ways are necessary. Contact Rebecca Martin-Grenadier at [email protected] to get on the PTO mailing list for meeting updates.

Below is the class schedule so that you can see when your child’s class is scheduled to go in. We also ask parents to think about signing up to help out on any of these days.  A schedule of times can be found on the PTO bulletin board in the main lobby.

Any mom’s and dad’s free to help, we respectfully ask that you refrain from signing up for your child’s class slot.  Thank you for helping us to keep things running smoothly and distraction free.


GW Elementary School Photos Schedule

Tuesday October 8th 

9:30-  Mr. Pettit

10:30- Ms. Erin

11:30- Ms. Pam

12:30- Ms. Felipa

1:30- Mr. Tom

2:15-  Ms. Stephanie

Wednesday October 9th 

9:15-  Ms. Jobi

10:15- Ms. Karen

11:15-  Ms. Nicole

12:15-  Ms. Julie

1:15- Ms. Kelly

Thursday October 10th

9:15- Ms. Jenny

10:15- Ms. Sherry

11:15- Ms. Krista

12:15- Ms. Jessie

1:00- Ms. Colleen

1:30- Ms. Becky

2:15- Ms. Caitlyn

School Pictures: Classroom Schedule Now Available.


You have by now received an order form (envelope) for class pictures which will occur next week.  PLEASE RETURN THEM TO YOUR CHILDS TEACHER BY MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th.

We have a terrific new vendor who has been very personable and helpful – giving our students about 5 minutes each to get a great individual photo. She is also bringing lots of fun props for the kids during their class photo to help loosen any of those shy or skeptical.  We think it’s going to be the best year yet.

The background is going to be a ‘gray stone’ color which we know will look good no matter your child’s skin tone.

Below are the class schedules so that you can prepare. We also have a sign-up sheet in the main lobby – as it would be great to have a few extra hands during each day. Please inquire with Mary in the lobby if you have any questions or you are free to help on any of the days.

Feel free to contact Rebecca Martin-Grenadier, PTO President at: [email protected] for any further information.



Due to specials during the days, A NEW SCHEDULE IS COMING SOON! 

School pictures will take place on 10/8, 10/9 and 10/10 all throughout the day.