GW PTO Hosts Visioning Session and Local Chef Graziano Tecchio of MINT in Rondout, Kingston


John Garesche, Kelly Storrs, Lori Joseph, Brenda Winchell, Mike Pettit, Julie Griffin. Photo by Rebecca Martin

The GW Elementary School PTO hosted an afternoon visioning session plotting out the 2014/2015 school year.

Notes. Lots of them.

Notes. Lots of them.

Much was discussed, and a great meal was enjoyed by chef Graziano Tecchio from MINT (who has a niece in the GW Elementary School Montessori program) in Rondout Kingston. He provided parents with some of his signature dishes that included a Radicchio and Endive Salad, Tuna Tartare with Scallops and homemade Pasta with Tomato Sauce. It was a lovely and productive day.

Chef Graziano Tecchio made us a fantastic meal. (click on image to view more pictures).

Chef Graziano Tecchio made us a fantastic meal. (click on image to view more pictures).

The GW Elementary School is a Public Montessori Program in the City of Kingston.



“Within the child lies the fate of the future.”   
Dr. Maria Montessori, The Secret of Childhood 

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Welcome to the George Washington Elementary School, a Public Montessori Program in Kingston, NY.

Our vision for each and every child is that, beyond supporting the academic, creative, physical, social, and emotional development that is necessary for success, we hope to instill a joy of learning that will affect their experiences well beyond the elementary years. What we want most for our children is that they become passionate about their own learning, and that they have the tools and skills necessary for them to pursue educational and personal experiences as they grow and develop.

The staff of George Washington envisions that the process of professional growth and student progress involves a cycle of continual preparation, observation, evaluation, creation, and reflection.

Specifically to:

  • Develop in each child a deep love of learning and enthusiastic self-motivation beginning in Children’s House (4 – 6) at age 4 and extending through each plane of development: Elementary I (6 – 9) & Elementary II (4th grade); and
  • Establish in each child a mastery of fundamental skills utilizing concrete Montessori materials that help students gain a complete understanding of basic concepts; ·
  • Increase the ability of each child to think critically using reasoning and creative problem solving when doing tasks throughout the curriculum;
  • Develop the ability of each child to gain an in depth understanding of the Core Curriculum and to effectively apply that knowledge in other situations;
  • Allow a wide variety of avenues for creative expression for each child within the classroom and special activity classes in all areas of the arts;
  • Encourage physical development of each child through a wide variety of activities in class and playground, physical education classes, and team building;
  • Encourage every child to develop independence and a sense of personal meaning and responsibility for themselves, others, and our world; and
  •  Build in each child an emotional foundation of self-confidence as independent, lifelong learners, and inspire students to realize their highest potential.