Get your cup of ‘Joe’ and support the GW Elementary School’s PTO


The GW Elementary School PTO is holding a coffee fundraiser! With little time yet, you can choose from fresh beans:

* Regular Coffe
* Decaf Colombia Supremo
* “Jazzy Joe” (their best selling flavor that tastes like french toast, maple and cinnamon)

$14.99 per pound, whole bean or ground.

There is little time left!  If you are interested in ordering, please email Stephanie Uzee, PTO President at:


About Monkey Joe’s Roasting Company:    At Monkey Joe Coffee Roasting Co. we specialize in roasting single-origin, specialty-grade coffees. This means that we purchase only the highest, specialty grade, green coffee beans available, from all over the world. Coffee roasting is done in small batches at the roast profile that will showcase each coffee’s most distinctive aroma and flavor. Just as wines differ, so do coffees, and the key to single origin coffee roasting is to bring out the best in each bean. This means that, unlike with blends, you will know what coffee you are drinking. So visit our coffee house today, located in Kingston in the heart of New York’s scenic Ulster County. As our slogan says, you can be confident that you will, “…taste no evil”.

Because the focus of our coffee roasting is on single-origin coffee beans, our selection of specialty-grade coffees is subject to change based upon availability and fluctuations in crop quality from year to year. You will always find that we offer a wide selection of coffee beans covering all growing regions and including certified Rainforest Alliance, Shade Grown, Fair Trade, and Sustainable, specialty coffees.

We also have a full-service coffee bar that offers expertly prepared coffee and espresso drinks, as well as fresh, locally-produced cakes and pastries—all served in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of the most popular coffeehouse in Kingston.