GW Elementary School PTO “Popcorn Friday” Builds Friendships and Raises Money. VOLUNTEER!

The GW Elementary School PTO has hosted “Popcorn Fridays” for years.  PTO President Stephanie Uzee reports that since 2011, the group has sold close to 10,000 bags. That’s a lot of corn.  Here’s the breakdown:

* 2011-2012 *

We sold 5085 bags for a profit of $2057.26. Popcorn Committee: Migdalia Fortes, and Rebecca Kendrick.

* 2012-2013 *

So far we have sold 4557 bags for a profit of $1577.82 and the school year isn’t over yet! We have 3 Popcorn Friday’s left!
This year’s popcorn committee is Rebecca Kendrick, Migdalia Fortes, and Maribel Baquiron. Others who have helped are Stephanie, Rebecca Martin & Jennifer Polatsek.

Popcorn Friday’s is a solid and steady fundraiser for the PTO that builds friendships and is a great deal of fun. If you are interested in helping please contact Stephanie Uzee at:

We could use hands from 9am – 11am each Friday for the remaining of the year and in 2013/2014.


During the 2011-2012 Popcorn Friday’s the GW PTO:

Used 18 Gallons of Butter

Used 7 Pounds of Salt

Used 500 pounds of Popcorn Seed.

We sold 5085 bags of Popcorn

The PTO profited $ 2057.00