GW Elementary School “…reignites excitement for education” of College Professor at SUNY Ulster


GW Elementary School Principal Valerie Hannum recently received a letter from Tom Price, Professor of History at Ulster County  Community College. Starting in February of 2014, he will be sending several of his students to our school to “…learn first hand that creativity and flexibility have a place in Education. I am excited to tell you that we will, if you agree, send students to your school for the very first time.”

Professor Price continues with more high and worthy praise: “…I want to thank you personally for       reigniting in me the excitement for education. I am the son of a school teacher and have spent my life in the profession. Education matters to me in a deeply personal way…my visit to your school relit my enthusiasm.”

“I am not going to transform the culture….but I do hope that I remember the feeling of limitless possibilities produced by the energy and purpose that I sensed at your school. Thanks for that unexpected gift and congratulations to both you and your staff for creating such a special place for learning in our community.”

The GW PTO appreciates the entire GW School staff, and it’s a thrill to see as many professionals responding to the Montessori method in public education. Of course they do!