GW Elementary School Student Tour Guides: Ready to Greet the Public in 2013/2014

(L/R)  Cameron, T.J,. Nicole, Vivian, Charity, Elischka, Jesus, Estephany, Piper, Kacy.

(L/R) Cameron, T.J,. Nicole, Vivienne, Charity, Elischka, Jesus, Estephany, Piper, Kacy.

The GW Elementary School is proud to announce its student tour guides!  We launched the tours last year where we went from four to ten! The children look forward to meeting parents and children in 2013/2014.

A month ago, an announcement and posting with specific criteria was made, inviting children to ’apply’ to lead the school tours. Ten students replied to the request, writing letters of interest to share why they would be a good choice for the job.

The exercise was used to correlate the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing, a core curriculum component.

The GW Elementary School Tours” will take place every Tuesday during the school year (with the exception of holidays) from 9:30am – 10:30am and are open to the public. All guests are asked to meet outside of the main office 10 minutes prior to start time.  Guests will be met by a school professional to answer any questions after each tour.

For more information, contact the GW Elementary School’s front office at:845/943-3518 or contact GW PTO President Rebecca Martin-Grenadier at



Cameron:  I really enjoy talking to people and I know a lot about the school. I’ve been a student here for six years.

TJ:  It’s good for me to talk with people. I really like doing that.

Nicole:  I want to teach parents about the Montessori program.

Vivienne:  I want to share information about Montessori – and especially the math work because I love it.  Some of us find the work hard, some of us easy.  With Montessori, there is always work to challenge us at whatever level we are at.

Charity:  I came to the GW School this year from JFK and I want to share what I have learned with Montessori materials. It’s nice to not sit at a desk and to be able to move around.

Elischka: It’s cool to take parents through the school and to show them our materials.

Jesus:  I like to help.

Estephany: I like to help and share the school, too.

Piper:  I was inspired by the tour guides from last year, and I wanted to do it too. Maybe we can inspire the 3rd graders who will be able to take over next year! I never get bored in the classroom.

Kacey:  I want to show parents the Montessori program…and I really like lunch!