GW End of Year Activities: Volunteers Needed!



The PTO will be in need of volunteers for the last week of school for the following activities:


1. Tuesday June 18th – Formal Luncheon.  This is held for the 4th & 5th Year students.

– Volunteers are asked to arrive at 9:30am to help and assist the students in setting up tables, linens, silveware, glasses, etc.


2. Wednesday June 19th – Moving Up Ceremony.  This year we are moving up both 4th Year & 5th Year students

– We really could use the lower class volunteers as 4/5 year parents will be watching their children move up.

– Volunteers are asked to arrive at 9:00 am to setup cake and refreshments in the cafeteria.


3. Thursday June 20th – Fruit Day Celebration

– Volunteers are ask to arrive as soon as children are dropped off.  Volunteers will help the kitchen staff prepare fruit for the children to rotate in shifts to enjoy on the last day of school. (you might want to bring in your own knives / aprons as you will helping cut pineapples, watermelon,etc.)


Please let me or Val know if you have any questions.



Stephanie Uzee

PTO President