Kinderland Playground Gets A Facelift by the Jr. League of Kingston! Join in the Planning March 14th.


Something is in the air it seems! Lots of ‘face lifts’ on playgrounds in 2013 and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Kinderland Playground is located on Lucas Avenue, connected to the Forsyth Nature Center property.  Please consider attending this important first step.


In 1991, “Kingston Kinderland” was built by volunteer labor with funds raised by the Junior League of Kingston.  Over the years, area children grew up using the free playground.  Kinderland has endured much wear and tear, however, and is in need of an update.

The Junior League of Kingston has taken on this project again to provide Kingston and the surrounding area with a better-than-ever playground that may be enjoyed for many years to come.  Over the next 2 years, the Junior League is committed to spearhead the rebuilding of Kingston Kinderland through fundraising and organizing local volunteers.  Leathers & Associates Community Built Playgrounds has been contracted to design and work with the Junior League of Kingston to rebuild the playground.  The original structure will be replaced by a brand new one comprised of long-wearing materials.

The first step in rebuilding Kingston Kinderland is Design Day.  Design Day is an exciting opportunity for the children to become involved with the project.  On this day, designers from Leathers & Associates will travel to Kingston to visit area schools and gather ideas from the children about what they want in their playground.  A designer or apprentice designer will work with groups of 40-60 children at a time.  An apprentice designer is a Junior League representative who has been trained to coordinate a design session.  Each session is about 15 minutes. 

The Junior League of Kingston along with the Designers would like to be in each of the schools on March 14 from 8:45am-12:00.  The brainstorming sessions will run from 9:15am-11:30am.

During the design brainstorming sessions we will gather the children in grade level groups to gather their ideas for the playground.  Sample questions that the designers will ask:

  • Does anyone know what a designer does?
  • What types of things do designers design
  • Who are playground experts? (Kids)
  • Do you want to design this playground?
  • Close your eyes and picture yourself playing on the field in your playground?  What do you see yourself playing on?  What would make this playground so special that you want to come every day?

At the conclusion of the brainstorming session, the designer and Junior League will invite the children, their families and school staff to the unveiling reception that evening.

This project will have other educational opportunities incorporated.  The playground will have a historical component from the City of Kingston’s long, storied history. The Junior League will announce the historical component after the playground is designed and educate the children on the history of the playground component and how it relates to Kingston’s history at a later date.

Another educational opportunity is the time capsule.  When the original Kingston Kinderland was built, area children placed items in a time capsule that was buried under the playground.   Before the build, the League will dig up the capsule and reveal its contents.  We are also planning on burying a new time capsule during the build of Kingston Kinderland II so the children will have the opportunity to place current time period items in the new time capsule. 

The League looks forward to embarking on this endeavor and working with the children to create a playground that they can truly call their own.  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to come in to the schools and allow the children to give a voice to Kingston Kinderland II.