Marcus Steele: Problem Solving and the Montessori Peace Rose.


Marcus Steele

Marcus Steele in front of the GW Elementary School Community/School Garden.

Marcus Steele who is a first grader in Mr. Pettit’s E1 classroom at the GW Elementary School made us all very proud the other day.

I received a phone call from Megan Weiss, the director of ‘Kingston Cares’ (a program of ‘Family of Woodstock’). Her office runs out of the Everette Hodge Center on Franklin Street in midtown, a community center that is run by Kingston’s Parks and Recreation department. Each day, Megan works with our children and families making an impact in the lives of those living near our GW School.  She relayed this wonderful story to us.

On a recent afternoon, a large group of children playing at the center found themselves in an altercation.  As it became more heated, GW student Marcus Steele asked:



How many of you go to the GW Elementary School?”

Half of the children raised their hand.

…and how do we deal with problems there?” he inquired.

By using the Peace Rose.” answered another.

Then lets do the same here today.” he reminded the group.

The children took turns speaking and listening, some of whom hadn’t ever been exposed to the ‘peace rose’ method.

The problem resolved and the children went back to playing peacefully.

“Problem solving is the foundation of a young child’s learning. It must be valued, promoted, provided for and sustained in the early childhood classroom.  Opportunities for problem solving occur in the everyday context of a child’s life.”  READ MORE

I am pleased to share a tangible example of how the Montessori Peace Rose method works in and out of our children’s school environment.

Bravo, Marcus. You’re an inspiration!

– Rebecca Martin
GW PTO President