RESCHEDULED: GW PTO Business Meeting: Guest Dr. Paul Padalino to Follow-Up on Title One Funding, February 25th, 2014 6:00pm – 8:00pm (in Art Room, TBD)


Dear Parents,

Due to the recent storm, we had to reschedule the PTO business meeting that was originally to take place on February 3rd.

THE RESCHEDULED DATE WILL BE Tuesday, February 25th at 6:00pm. Dr. Padalino will be in attendance. I expect it to run late (8:00pm) due to the need to address some important general business – and to give Dr. Padalino, our guest tomorrow evening, plenty of time to answer questions regarding Title One funding.

As always, we will provide two childcare providers for the children  to play in the cafeteria. Parents/teachers will meet in the Art Room (TBD) and are invited to bring snacks for their children and to share. Please avoid any nuts or nut treats in the case there are children with allergies. If you have a lot of energy, you can also bring something for the parents to snack on. I may bring a fruit/cheese tray from somewhere.

(NOTE: This note was sent in an email to the GW PTO. If you are a PTO Parent/Teacher, plan to attend and would like a copy of anything noted here, please send a request to: Rebecca Martin )

Attached, you will find a draft PTO budget that I am hoping to pass tomorrow evening (the main items are school events/programs that we wish to fund this year), draft program/event explanations,  a summary of last week’s Natural Playscape Committee meeting and Title One Questions for Dr. Padalino

(Be certain to look at the tabs in the budget found at the bottom of the budget pages).

Also attached are minutes from our meetings in November and December. We have created a system for minutes to be a shared task. Thanks to Amy and Heather for these.  January is forthcoming.

If you have a chance to review the materials, and have any questions following (or see any errors) – please send them along to me


Rebecca Martin
GW Elementary School PTO


Monday, February 25th 2014
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Art Room (Childcare in Cafeteria)

Welcome and introductions (5 Minutes)
Name, Child, Grade

Treasurers Report and Draft Budget Approval (10 Minutes)
We have new information regarding E1’s year end field trip to the Bruderhoff (as per the teachers request at last week’s cohort meeting). The cost might be as simple as only renting buses this year for a full day of activities for the children! To be discussed and the budget augmented to reflect this potential savings.

Old Business (4 Minutes)

1. Snapology Event  Follow-up (1 minutes)

2. Natural Playscape Follow-up (2 minutes)

3. Raffle Tickets for Stephanie Uzee (1 minute)

New Business (33 minutes)

1. Fundraising Committee: Set Date/Time. Deadlines (5 minutes)
New fundraising committee has begun under the leadership of PTO parents Amy Zemser and Heather Schwegler.  Discuss Scholastic in Spring (2 events)

2. Latin Festival Date/Time/Needs (2 minutes)
Secure paperwork for event. PTO Needs.

3. Spaghetti Dinner Date/Time and capacity (2 minutes)
Parent sign-up sheet.  March 7th event.

4. Lunch/Out-of-Door Play (5 minutes)
Brief history as to time students have to play and lunch at GW School.

5. PTO Movie Curating Committee (5 minutes)
Create a committee to curate films for incremental weather. Age specific. Documentaries? Animation shorts? Films that coincide with seasonal classroom lessons?

6. GW Elementary School Yearbook (10 minutes)
PTO Parent Lucia Lee has offered to create a school yearbook this year. She would like to propose two options that include: A). softcover, self produced version created by sub-committee (led by Lucia and probably designed by me as well), B). Soft-cover or hardcover book produced by a local photographer (a colleague of her husband) who specializes in school yearbooks who will see the project from design to final printed book. This photographer is available to present to the group providing cost to produce, etc. in March. 

7. Popcorn Fridays (5 minutes)
PTO parent Lori Joseph would like to start Popcorn Friday’s again. She can arrive at the school by 1pm on Friday’s to do so, and will need to know if that is enough time to get it done.  

Special Guest Speaker (70 Minutes)
Superintendent Dr. Paul Padalino on Title One Funding – Answers to Questions.

Open Discussion: Parents are invited to stay longer for any further discussion. 


The next GW PTO Meeting will occur on Wednesday, March 5th where we will host Nicci Cagan, one of the organizers from “From the Ground Up” to share her experience at bringing the Marbletown Elementary School’s student garden into the cafeteria.