SAVE THE DATES! GW Elementary School PTO Events and School Activities.





The GW Elementary School PTO is pleased to share our upcoming events. Please mark your calendars! More details on each event coming shortly.





Tuesday (and every Tuesday while School is in session)
9:30am – 10:30am

 GW Elementary School Tours
We are working to organize weekly school tours during the school year again this year, led by our wonderful 4th graders.  We are hoping to begin on the 1st.  More information soon.


10/8 – 10/9 – 10/10
Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
All day

GW Elementary School Pictures 
We are so excited to have found Shelly Wood Studios, a local photographer who has her own business and works with many schools in the Hudson Valley region.  She is professional and thoughtful – and we are sure the children will have a great experience having their individual and class photographs this year.

Class schedules will be posted in the main lobby of the school next week – and we ask that any parents who might want to be on hand to lend a hand to sign-up.

Order forms with all sorts of great packages to choose from will be going home with the children on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 30th. They will need to be returned to the child’s class teacher by MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th. 


2:00pm – 3:00pm


3rd Annual “Walk Around the Block” Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser!
We are gearing up for this year’s “Walk around the Block” event that is a part of the “Walk to School Day”, a global event that involves communities from more than 40 countries walking and biking to school on the same day.

Now in it’s third year, the GW Elementary School will do it again, but this time – we’re making it into a ‘Walk-a-thon” fundraiser for our school PTO!  Call all of your aunts and uncles! Grandmothers and grandfathers!  Sponsor your child as they walk for their health…and GW projects on the horizon such as a natural playscape, 2014’s moving up ceremony, field trips and more.

The walk will take place from 2:00pm – 3:00pm. Parents interested in joining us will be asked to arrive and sign-out their child at 2:00pm – and so that they can leave for home when the walk is complete.

Sponsor forms for our ‘walk-a-thon’ will be sent home with the children on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd and must be returned to your child’s teacher by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th. 


8:00am – 4:00pm

Clothing and Toy Drive Fundraiser
The GW Elementary School PTO parent Jody Froman has organized a clothing/toy drive fundraiser on Friday, October 18th!   The community will be asked to drop off their used items at a one day collection in the front of the school (off of the gymnasium).

Sponsored by “Fashion Republic” all donations are processed and shipped to people in need. The proceeds will go towards the GW PTO Programs and Activities.

More information soon!  Have a look by visiting this LINK to see what sorts of items we are collecting in advance.  Save yours and bring them to us on the 18th!

10/23 – 10/24 – 10/25
Wednesday – Thursday – Friday
(see times below)

Scholastic Fall Bookfair
The book fair will take place this year on Wednesday, October 23rd (visit and purchase all day); Thursday, October 24th (visit and purchase all day and into the evening) and Friday, October 25th (visit and purchase 1/2 day).

Thursday night is parent teacher conference night, so we will be open for sure to give parents a chance to come by. It’s also a good opportunity for a bake sale. Who’s in?


Other efforts that are in the hopper include a fall ‘Yankee Candle’ fundraiser, Latino Festival, Election Day Bake Sale and more.  Keep an eye out on our front entrance! New banners with our logo will be prominently placed! 

If you’d like more information, contact PTO President Rebecca Martin-Grenadier at