School Pictures: Classroom Schedule Now Available.


You have by now received an order form (envelope) for class pictures which will occur next week.  PLEASE RETURN THEM TO YOUR CHILDS TEACHER BY MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th.

We have a terrific new vendor who has been very personable and helpful – giving our students about 5 minutes each to get a great individual photo. She is also bringing lots of fun props for the kids during their class photo to help loosen any of those shy or skeptical.  We think it’s going to be the best year yet.

The background is going to be a ‘gray stone’ color which we know will look good no matter your child’s skin tone.

Below are the class schedules so that you can prepare. We also have a sign-up sheet in the main lobby – as it would be great to have a few extra hands during each day. Please inquire with Mary in the lobby if you have any questions or you are free to help on any of the days.

Feel free to contact Rebecca Martin-Grenadier, PTO President at: for any further information.



Due to specials during the days, A NEW SCHEDULE IS COMING SOON! 

School pictures will take place on 10/8, 10/9 and 10/10 all throughout the day.