School Pictures: Schedule and Questions Answered


Hello parents,

Next week – the GW Elementary School will have their school pictures taken on Tuesday, 10/9; Wednesday, 10/10 and Thursday 10/11.  We are very pleased to offer local vendor Shelly Wood Studios who is wonderful and sensitive – giving the children more time to get a photo just right.  The GW PTO’s priority was to make the experience a good one for all, while keeping the costs low and affordable for our families.

With such a diverse student population and skin tones, to make it probable that all of the children looked great in their pictures, we selected a single background ‘gray’ textured stone.  After viewing all of the options – this seemed to be the very best.

Given the changes to the PTO Executive Committee this year with our former PTO President becoming ill and a new vendor that had been decided upon last year, we wish to thank the parents who stepped up to the plate, GW Principal Valerie Hannum and Shelly Wood for helping to make school photos possible this year – as it almost didn’t happen.

We encourage more of our parents to get involved in the School’s PTO – as we need more direct communication and hands to support our great school, help to provide additional opportunities for the children and to aid our teachers in whatever ways are necessary. Contact Rebecca Martin-Grenadier at to get on the PTO mailing list for meeting updates.

Below is the class schedule so that you can see when your child’s class is scheduled to go in. We also ask parents to think about signing up to help out on any of these days.  A schedule of times can be found on the PTO bulletin board in the main lobby.

Any mom’s and dad’s free to help, we respectfully ask that you refrain from signing up for your child’s class slot.  Thank you for helping us to keep things running smoothly and distraction free.


GW Elementary School Photos Schedule

Tuesday October 8th 

9:30-  Mr. Pettit

10:30- Ms. Erin

11:30- Ms. Pam

12:30- Ms. Felipa

1:30- Mr. Tom

2:15-  Ms. Stephanie

Wednesday October 9th 

9:15-  Ms. Jobi

10:15- Ms. Karen

11:15-  Ms. Nicole

12:15-  Ms. Julie

1:15- Ms. Kelly

Thursday October 10th

9:15- Ms. Jenny

10:15- Ms. Sherry

11:15- Ms. Krista

12:15- Ms. Jessie

1:00- Ms. Colleen

1:30- Ms. Becky

2:15- Ms. Caitlyn