Valerie Hannum, Principal



The children in the GW Elementary School Garden




I am pleased to take this opportunity to share the George Washington Elementary School community located in Midtown in the historic city of Kingston, NY.

Over the past five years, our staff has worked very hard to create a certified Montessori program in our public school system. We have come together for a common purpose – your children.  The Montessori philosophy is based on following the child.  As facilitators, it is our responsibility to create a learning environment where children have the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to be responsible and independent members of the classroom; where respect of self and others is of the utmost importance – an environment where children learn skills for life.

Please visit our school during open tour times on Tuesday’s from 9:30am – 10:30am. Our 4th and 5th grade children are excited to show you their school, and I equally look forward to meeting you.


Valerie Hannum
George Washington Elementary School
A public Montessori Program
Pre-K – 4th Grade