The Arts are Alive in Ms. Pam Ruzzo’s Classroom

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“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education.”

Ms. Pam Ruzzo’s classroom is alive with music.

“As part of a whole education children of all ages should have the possibility of self-expression through music. Maria Montessori did many musical experiments with very young children. They noted the positive neurological effects of organized motor activity through rhythmic movements. Modern research has also proved the value of allowing children to explore movement and sound separately. This is very effective in helping those with speech, hearing or visual-motor difficulties.”

An interesting piece written by Dr. Neryl Jeanneret,  Faculty of Education on the NSW Public Education states that “The arts are a central force in human existence and everyone should have sufficient and equal opportunities to experience and continue to participate in the arts throughout their lives. Education is about creating equity of opportunity to enable children to realise their potential, and equity of opportunity is about access. To deny access to the arts is to deny access, as Reimer (1989) states, to “a basic way that humans know themselves and their world; they (the arts) are a basic mode of cognition” (p 11). Fowler* (1994) takes this idea a little further by stating,

The arts are one of the main ways that humans define who they are. They often express a sense of community and ethnicity. Because the arts convey the spirit of the people who created them, they can help young people to acquire inter- and intra- cultural understanding. The arts are not just multi-cultural, they are transcultural; they invite cross-cultural communication. They teach openness towards those who are different from us. By putting us in touch with our own and other people’s feelings, the arts teach one of the great civilizing capacities – how to be empathetic. To the extent that the arts teach empathy, they develop our capacity for compassion and humaneness.”

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