The GW Elementary School Natural Playscape Proposal is Awarded CDBG Funding!


We did it!

Members of the GW Elementary School PTO and their Natural Playscape Committee watched this evening as the City of Kingston Common Council passed Resolution #88 of 2013 “approving the FY 2013 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Action Plan”.  It included the GW Elementary School grant proposal in partnership with the Hudson Valley Montessori Educators of $15,000 towards our initial Natural Playscape effort to perform planning and construction for an “outdoor classroom and playground enhancement”.  We are thrilled!

Shortly, our PTO will take its next steps in working with the district and in discussing the hiring of a consultant (where we hope to secure renowned Natural Playscape expert Rusty Keeler of Earthplay). Our consultant work with our community on master planning in September of 2013.  Implementation of our project will take place in the Spring of 2014.

If you are interested in joining our committee, please FRIEND us on Facebook.

More information to follow.

Read our thank you to the council that was submitted this evening posted below.

Congrats to all who participated.  A big victory for the children!


“On behalf of GW Elementary School community I wish to thank the Council for its support and guidance throughout the CDBG process.

If the proposal is awarded this evening because of you, the school will embark on a Natural Playscape process – one that will bring together the entire school and its midtown community.  All will be welcome to attend the Master Planning process that would begin in September of 2013 and a build that will be organized over several weekends in the spring of 2014.

Our PTO, as well as creating a school website, facebook pages and newsletter has also organized a Natural Playscape Committee as part of its structure that currently hosts 20 members. This allows for interested parents with many talents and coming from different ethnic backgrounds to work together on behalf of the children. The effort will create much needed additional outdoor recreation space for our population of about 450 students, provide a stimulating alternative learning environment and offer a new resource for use by other civic and educational groups in the community.

We appreciate the potential opportunity provided by the City of Kingston in helping us to take this important initial step and when we do, we hope that you will join us in the fun.”