UPDATE: GW PTO Must Decline CDBG for Natural Playscape Project. New Plans Being Made.


Dear Parents and Teachers, 

It is with regret that we write to alert you of the GW Elementary School’s Natural Playscape’s decision to decline the recent Community Development Block Grant award of $15,000.00.

As you all know, since we were awarded the grant last spring, we have been jumping through hoops to keep our award alive. Recently, the City of Kingston requested that we do an environmental study of the site where playground enhancements would be made. After checking with the district, we learned that such a study has never been performed at the GW Elementary School. This means that we would need to fundraise for the study (to the tune of about $2,000) after first gaining permission from the school district to proceed. An initial study may have satisfied the requirements – or, it may have led to further study. Since we were only informed of this requirement in December and were told we have only until March to finish the planning portion of the work, we are left without enough time to comply with the requirements of the grant.

By no means should our group feel discouraged. We are still committed to creating a Natural Playscape at GW – we have created a partnership with the Hudson Valley Montessori Educators group, a not-for-profit organization that will be an important asset to our PTO’s fundraising activities; we have developed great relationships throughout the parent community; we have confirmed that Superintendent Dr. Paul Padalino and the Board of Education strongly and publicly support the project; and we have raised $5,000 from other sources to support the creation of an inspirational and engaging playspace for our kids.

Below is a Doodle poll for the next Natural Playscape Meeting. Please indicate which days and times would be best for you to participate. Thank all of you for your effort, support and enthusiasm for this project.


Rebecca Martin and Ann Loeding
GW Elementary School PTO