What is the DWPC (District Wide Parent Council)?


Have you ever heard of the DWPC (District Wide Parent Council) in Kingston?

Made up of one parent representative from every school in the district, the 13 member council meets on Crown Street each month and is generally attended by members of the Board of Education and often Superintendent Dr. Paul Padalino.  The meetings are open to all and give a unique opportunity for parents, staff, teachers and students to exchange and share ideas and views in a professional and open setting.


  • To provide an opportunity for the parents of the district to share ideas and mutual concerns.
  • To provide ongoing communication among the parents of the Kingston City School District, Central Administration, and the Board of Education, and further, to provide support for parents as effective communicators with clarification of proper channels when needed.
  • To keep all parents informed of school district policies and issues.
  • To endorse, recommend and collaborate upon initiatives which have been agreed upon by a majority present and voting at school parent group meetings.

Want to get involved? Contact the GW PTO president to learn how you can represent our school in the district!



The group meets monthly at 61 Crown Street in Kingston (at the Cioni Building) from 9:30am – 11:30am  and open to all. Click this LINK to see upcoming meeting dates.